Introducing Erwin Gomez Cosmetics September 26 2014

After several years of planning and testing, makeup artist Erwin Gomez has released an exclusive line of cosmetics, available online and at his salon, KARMA by Erwin Gomez, in the West End neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The line includes lip glosses, eyeshadows, eyeliners and foundation, and all of it was made in Germany and the United States. Since Gomez's specialty are the eyebrows, it should come as no surprise that his collection also features eyebrow pencils – and they're waterproof. 

“The best thing about my new cosmetics line is that it really does work for every skin color and type,” said Gomez. “The guests I serve at KARMA and nationally are quite diverse so I wanted to create a product that would make each and every one of them look radiant and beautiful."

With a client list that includes Rosario Dawson (pictured left with the lipstick), Paris Hilton, America Ferrera, Claire Danes, Eva Longora, and Elle Magazine Editor in Chief Robbie Myers, his reputation as one of Washington's premiere makeup artists continues to grow stronger. His experience with celebrity clients shows in his makeup; one of the items in the line is an ECARF-certified foundation for high definition cameras.

Society glossy DC Modern Luxury recently highlighted his collection of bronzers. "Like all of Gomez's powders, the bronzer does double duty as an eye shadow and blush," wrote senior editor Katie Bianco.

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More on his line:

Erwin Gomez High Definition Foundation - $40 The High Definition Foundation is created with the finest, micronized pigments that have exceptional covering power, covering skin imperfections and leaving an absolute flawless finish. Although it has excellent covering properties, the High Definition Foundation still appears natural on one’s skin and suitable for everyday wear. This formula definitely meets the requirements for high definition images and is ECARF certified.

Erwin Gomez Anti Shine Powder - $25 The Anti-Shine Powder is a special ultra light colorless matte powder that helps skin stay shine free all day. Brides especially love this product as well as anyone who loves a shine-free complexion. Perfect for photo shoots and is a “must have” for your make up collection!

Erwin Gomez Concealer - $25 The Concealer is a crème powder formula, which goes on lightly and turns to a powder for long lasting ultimate coverage.

Erwin Gomez Lipstick - $20 The Lipstick collection has a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism, and is available in an attractive range of 10 shades.

Erwin Gomez Liquid Gloss - $30 The Lip Gloss is highly pigmented and applies silky smooth. This High Gloss formulation was specially developed with pearl pigments based on Mica, which gives your lips a fabulous shine, completing your make-up look. Erwin Gomez Liquid Gloss is available in an attractive range of 16 shades, all named after Erwin’s clients over the years.

Erwin Gomez Ink Cream Liner - $23 The Ink Cream Liner is a highly pigmented liner for fashionable, flawless eyes. Its water resistant durable formula makes this eyeliner comfortable to wear and perfect for both everyday and picture perfect wear ability.

Erwin Gomez Eye Coleur - $20 The Eye Coleur is a creamy pressed powder with micronized pigment, an exceptional formulation to allow the application for fashionable transparency and also for vivid color emphasis. Superb durability on the eyelids makes this Eye Coleur excellent for professional application. Available in 10 beautiful shades. ECARF certified.

Erwin Gomez Liquid Eye Shadow - $20 The Liquid eye shadow is a new make-up concept, which is suitable for eyes, face and body. This is a color rich pressed powder with pearlescent Mica pigments that creates an exclusive luster, which can be applied dry or with a moistened brush or sponge. This technique strengthens the color intensity and its adhesion. No metallic pigments are used.

Erwin Gomez Radiant Powder Blush and Bronzer - $25 Erwin Gomez Radiant Powder Bronzer and Blushes are known for excellent durability as well as its glamorous glowing effects on the skin. A micronized compact powder with exceptionally soft and silky consistency is noted for its pleasurable wearing comfort and even application.

Erwin Gomez Waterproof Eye Brow Pencil - $19 This dual action pencil features long lasting color and leaves your brows looking naturally shaped and defined, while its spooly end grooms and removes any excess for to create a perfect look.

Erwin Gomez Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil - $17 This waterproof liner is a long lasting, soft and creamy lip liner that shapes, fills, lines and defines the lips while preventing feathering and bleeding. The lip brush on the end is perfect tool for applying and blending the liner.

Images (c) KARMA by Erwin Gomez